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Yusef Salaam Of Central Park Five Triumphs In City Council Primary

June 29, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Yusef Salaam, a former member of the Central Park Five, has emerged victorious in the Democratic primary for a city council seat in New York, reports The Guardian. This achievement puts him in a strong position to represent a Harlem district as an elected official.

Salaam competed against established politicians Al Taylor, aged 65, and Inez Dickens, aged 73, for the seat representing a predominantly Black neighborhood in uptown Manhattan. Despite the withdrawal of incumbent Kristin Richard Jordan in May, she remained on the ballot.

The election took place over two decades after Salaam and his four companions, formerly known as the Central Park Five and now referred to as the Exonerated Five, were exonerated of the crime through DNA evidence.

This case was notorious in New York City, marked by racial tensions, and further escalated by Donald Trump’s newspaper advertisements demanding the death penalty for the five individuals, prior to his presidency.

The primary race outcome remains uncertain as New York’s ranked-choice voting rules come into play. With about 95% of votes tallied, Salaam leads with just under 51%, leaving Dickens trailing in second place.

Nevertheless, Salaam declared victory in a heartfelt address to supporters on Tuesday night

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