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YK Osiris Faces Sexual Assault Accusations Against Sukihana

June 14, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Hip Hop DX, rapper YK Osiris, known for hits like “Worth It,” may be facing serious allegations of sexual assault following the emergence of a disturbing video.

The clip, which started circulating on social media on June 13, captures Osiris forcefully attempting to kiss Sukihana, a star from Love & Hip Hop: Miami, while she was commentating on the Crew League basketball tournament in Atlanta over the weekend.

During the tournament, Osiris was seen standing behind Sukihana, who was seated alongside fellow commentators Lil Duval, Funny Marco, and Buster Scher. Initially, he gave her a shoulder rub before abruptly leaning in, tilting her head backward, and forcefully trying to kiss her.

Sukihana, visibly shocked and disturbed by the encounter, swiftly moves her head away and screams out “Stop it!” in protest, while Duval seemingly dares Osiris to “tongue kiss her.”

After Sukihana jolts upright, a look of astonishment on her face, Osiris gently holds her chin, making another attempt to steal a kiss. Suki lets out more uneasy screams, appearing increasingly uncomfortable.

Throughout the incident, Osiris maintains a smile and chuckles, eventually surrendering with laughter, as he walks away.

As the viral video circulated, YK Osiris faced intense scrutiny for his actions, drawing widespread criticism for what many perceived as a sexual assault against Sukihana.

Countless supporters rallied behind Sukihana, vehemently arguing that her sexually provocative music and persona should never be misconstrued as an invitation for anyone to violate her boundaries.

As of now, neither YK Osiris nor Sukihana have issued an official response to the video. However, according to XXL Mag, Suki deleted her Twitter account.

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