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Yale Doctor Advocates Doctor Body Cameras Amid Black Teen’s Death

July 13, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Dr. Amanda Calhoun, a Yale University physician specializing in child and adult psychiatry, has proposed a new approach to tackle instances of racism in hospitals reports Atlanta Blackstar.

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, Dr. Calhoun expressed concerns about the mistreatment of Black patients under the care of white surgeons.

She advocated for the implementation of body cameras on doctors as a means to address this issue, drawing from her own personal experience that shaped her perspective.

Calhoun revealed instances of racial discrimination by white medical professionals towards Black patients. The professionals made derogatory remarks about young Black children joining gangs and described the natural hair of Black individuals as “wild” and “unkempt,” she reported.

“I have seen Black patients unnecessarily physically restrained,” she continued. “I have stood in the emergency department as a Black teenager died from a gunshot wound while White staff chuckled, saying he was ‘just another criminal.”

The physician suggests that footage from these cameras could be used as evidence in racism cases. With patient consent, families could release the footage to file complaints.

The doctor volunteered to be the first to wear a body camera and encourages hospitals to join in fighting racism.

Yale officials have not disclosed their stance on implementing body cameras or if they are considering the suggestion.

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