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Whoopi Goldberg’s Firm Will Asserts No Hologram After Demise

July 17, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Whoopi Goldberg, host of “The View,” made it clear that she does not want her likeness to be used for a hologram after her death, reports The New York Post. In her will, she specifically stipulated this and expressed her discomfort with the practice, calling it “freaky” and “creepy.”

“Yeah, no, I don’t want to be a hologram, that’s been in my will for 15 years,” Goldberg said.

“No one has really asked me if I want to be a hologram yet,” co-host Joy Behar joked in response.

“Well no, they don’t ask you, that’s the thing, they just do it,” Goldberg said. “They just do it and then you go, ‘Hey, isn’t that Tupac? You know? Wait a minute, didn’t Tupac die? What is he doing up on …’ Yeah see, I don’t want that.”

“It’s a little freaky, creepy,” she added.

The discussion arose during a conversation on Wednesday’s episode of the show, prompted by the recent revelation of a will discovered in Aretha Franklin’s couch cushion.

The conversation emphasized the importance of proactively communicating one’s own wishes, particularly for public figures.

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