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Usher and Rick Ross Join Gamma, Music Co. launched by ex-Apple exec Larry Jackson

March 13, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Meet Gamma, a one-stop-shop media company that creates, distributes, and markets content, from music to podcasts to films, according to Billboard. Gamma also seeks to offer resources and guidance to artists who desires to establish their brands and develop beyond music.

The innovative media and music company is set to transform the landscape when it comes to content creation, distribution, and monetization for artists. With a team led by industry experts Larry Jackson, former Apple Music Global Creative Director, and Interscope CFO Ike Youssef, Gamma is set to collaborate with major artists and brands across music, film, fashion, merchandise, and other areas.

Some of the latest collaborations include a long-term partnership with Snoop, in which Gamma silently acquired a stake in his Death Row Records catalog. In addition to Snoop, Rick Rock joined the ranks, along with Usher.

According to Yahoo, the company also sealed podcast deals with model Naomi Campbell and Angelica Nwandu, founder of The Shade Room.

“The power of intellectual property and creative expression cannot be contained to any one format,” said Jackson. “The artists shaping today’s culture not only create music, but also video, film, podcasts, fashion, and more. They shouldn’t have to jump through multiple hoops to express themselves. gamma is built with the flexibility and aptitude that creators need to connect with fans on all formats and across all channels – with transparency and no restriction.” “And central to its core, gamma is an ideas company.”

Gamma’s three capability pillars revolve around creating content, distributing content, and artist-centered business development.

Gamma is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York and London. For more information visit gamma at

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