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Twitter Layoffs in Africa: Staff ‘Ghosted’ and Denied Promised Severance

July 19, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Insider, Elon Musk’s Twitter company has come under fire as laid-off workers in Ghana claim they have been ignored and denied their promised severance pay, reports CNN.

The layoffs, initiated by Musk after he took over the company in October 2022, impacted thousands of employees. Shortly after the physical office in Ghana opened, Twitter laid off nearly all of its staff there in early November, leaving them without information about their exit packages or future plans.

CNN’s recent report reveals that the dismissed workers were eventually offered a three-month severance pay in late May, covering repatriation costs and legal fees incurred during negotiations with Twitter.

Despite receiving less generous severance packages than those in other countries, the frustrated employees eventually accepted the offer due to the prolonged waiting period.

“Twitter was non-responsive until we agreed to the three months because we were all so stressed and exhausted and tired of the uncertainty, reluctant to take on the extra burdens of a court case so we felt we had no choice but to settle,” one laid-off employee told CNN.

“They literally ghosted us,” one of the laid-off employees told CNN.

According to sources, the laid-off employees stated that communication with the company ceased, and they are yet to receive their severance pay. As of early May, Twitter had approximately 1,000 employees (excluding contract workers), a significant decrease from the previous 7,500 before the acquisition.

Insider’s request for comment from Twitter only received an automated email response.

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