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Special Prosecutor Urges Jussie Smollett’s Return to Jail Following Appeal Denial

December 5, 2023 | By Kali Girl

In a recent development, an appeals court has affirmed the disorderly conduct convictions of actor Jussie Smollett on Friday, reports NBC News. The actor, known for his role in the television series “Empire,” had been accused of orchestrating a racially and homophobically motivated attack against himself in 2019 and subsequently providing false information to the Chicago police.

Challenging various elements of the case, including the involvement of a special prosecutor, jury selection, and presented evidence, Smollett’s appeals were ultimately dismissed in a 2-1 decision by the Illinois Appellate Court.

Initially reporting to the police that he had fallen victim to a racist and homophobic assault by two individuals donning ski masks, the investigation took an unexpected turn, leading to Smollett’s arrest on charges of fabricating the entire incident.

According to authorities, Smollett allegedly compensated two individuals he was acquainted with from the “Empire” set.

In 2021, a jury found Smollett guilty on five felony counts of disorderly conduct, a charge applicable in Illinois for providing false information to the police. As part of his sentence, Smollett is now obligated to complete a 150-day jail term. During the pendency of his appeal, he had previously spent only six days behind bars.

A spokesperson for Smollett released a statement asserting their intention to contest the recent decision.         

“We wish to highlight that the decision was divided, with Justice [Freddrenna] Lyle offering a detailed analysis in favor of Smollett. We are preparing to escalate this matter to the Supreme Court, armed with a substantial body of evidence.”

In an interview with NBC News shortly after the court’s ruling, special prosecutor Dan Webb emphasized that Jussie Smollett must complete his 150-day jail sentence.

“This is pretty much the end of the road for Mr. Smollett,” Webb said. “Under Illinois law he has one right of appeal, that’s what he had today. The Illinois Appellate Court denied all his issues. He can try to go up to the higher court, the Illinois Supreme Court. That’s a discretionary appeal that would be determined if the Illinois Supreme Court wants to hear his issues. But if that doesn’t happen, then he’s hit the end of the road and he would shortly be in jail.”

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