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Soulja Boy’s Ex Testifies about Alleged Abuse in Civil Trial

April 19, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Hip Hop DX, Kayla Meyers, former girlfriend of Soulja Boy, testified about the alleged abuse she claims to have endured at the hands of the rapper (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) and his assistant Tevin Anderson back in 2019.

Meyers presented photos of her injuries as evidence of the alleged attack, which she says occurred during a party held in Soulja Boy’s Malibu home. The lawsuit against the rapper and his assistant Tevin Anderson also included allegations of sexual battery.

According to Meyers, the assault and subsequent kidnapping lasted for a grueling six hours after a confrontation reportedly ensued as Meyers was attempting to leave Soulja Boy’s residence, leading to a heated argument with one of his assistants.

According to the lawsuit, Myers asserts that she was forcefully pushed to the ground and kicked in the stomach. Furthermore, she alleges that Soulja, while brandishing a “large” firearm, told her she was going to die.

Soulja then allegedly instructed another assistant to use duct tape to restrain Myers and proceeded clean her up from the violent assault. Myers states that Anderson offered to release her if she agreed to perform oral sex on him, which she did.

Allegedly Myers was allowed to leave at 8 a.m., with Soulja making the remark: “Now get this bitch outta here before I knock her down the stairs.”

Taking the stand on April 11 and 12, Myers presented evidence in the civil trial, that included photos of her injuries such as three fractured ribs.

She also presented text messages and DM’s allegedly sent to her by Soulja Boy, but no further details were available.

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