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Russell Simmons Faces Verbal Abuse Accusations by Ex-Wife and Daughter

June 19, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to the Daily Mail, Kimora Lee Simmons, the renowned former model, took to Instagram Stories on Monday to make explosive allegations against her ex-husband, Russell Simmons, the ousted Def Jam co-founder. In a series of fiery posts, the 48-year-old accused Russell, who is 65 of subjecting their youngest daughter, Aoki Lee Simmons, to abuse.

According to Kimora, Russell has been ‘threatening [their] kids’ lives,’ causing significant distress to their family. She further revealed that Aoki, who is only 20 years old, experiences severe panic attacks as a direct consequence of Russell’s behavior. Disturbingly, Kimora claims that Aoki has been forced to rely on emergency medication each time she communicates with her father.

A shocking video, where Russell can be seen on a muted FaceTime call berating his distraught daughter, who is visibly crying.

In a video explaining her reason for releasing the video, Kimora wrote, ‘I’m so sorry to have to do this. But this man has been threatening my kids’ lives. I’m hearing so much more now. We won’t be bullied, threatened, or afraid. Who [gives a f*ck.’

She continued: ‘No one should live like this. No one’s child. This is abuse. Not okay. The threats, not okay. The fear mongering. Not okay.’

Along with her own video explaining her behind closed doors experience, Aoki shared a series of text messages with her father accusing Kimora of stealing both money and love of his kids from him.

In defense of her mother, Aoki replied, ‘She did not steal it. You lost it. Understand? You lost it with your actions.’

She added: ‘I cannot have a relationship with you until that stops. No one stops me from talking to you, my health does. I have to put that first. Every time I spoke to you, you would yell and scream about a legal situation that I can’t even respond to because I am not involved! I am you child, not your lawyer, your ex-wife – any of it.

‘I can do nothing. Yet you yell at me like it’s my fault. You were putting so much anger and rage on me every phone call. Cursing, screaming, and god knows what else. I’m sorry but I cannot be the target of that, it’s not fair. It got to the point I could not hear your voice without having an anxiety attack. You have to at least respect I’m putting my health and well-being first.’

Not done with the text message, Russell further accused Kimora and Tim Leissner of taking approximately $250M. Aoki replied: ‘You are being blocked for not respecting my boundaries. I asked you 10 million times to not talk to me about this lawsuit again.’

In a tearful video post, Aoki said, ‘It’s like talking to a cruel child or something, and no he does not financially support me,’ wrote Simmons who claimed the native New Yorker calls herself, her mother, and her sister ‘bi***es.’

‘He hasn’t given me a dime in years. I haven’t had a graduation gift, a birthday gift, so much as a taxi ride in years.’

Simmons’ emotional video reveals Russell’s dramatic transformation after facing sexual assault and misconduct allegations from over 20 women. These accusations resulted in his self-imposed exile in Bali due to extradition laws.

Aoki is a Harvard University graduate, who currently works as an intern for New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

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