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Pinky Cole Addresses Cancellation of Today Show Segment Amid Lawsuit Controversy – Amid NAACP Nomination

January 13, 2023 | Kali Girl

Slutty Vegan founder Pinky Cole addressed the cancellation of her Today show appearance on Instagram, following a lawsuit by former employee Morgan Georgia alleging that Cole’s Atlanta restaurant, Bar Vegan, paid employees only $2.13 an hour and required them to give up 25% of their tips, reports Fox5 Atlanta. The restaurant allegedly used the tipped funds to cover operational costs, according to lawyer Travis Foust representing Georgia and other former workers.

In a bombshell court filing, the legal team for Bar Vegan has dropped a bombshell claim that Georgia and other workers at the popular plant-based eatery were allegedly paid more than they were legally entitled to during their tenure at the establishment. The document states that this additional compensation could potentially cover any unpaid minimum wages, overtime, and other monetary relief being sought by the employees.

The former employees are now seeking damages for the hours worked and attorneys’ fees. In response to the allegations, Cole took to Instagram to give her side of the story.

“This week, I was named in a lawsuit for one of my companies, Bar Vegan, alongside my partners, over alleged unpaid wages from one employee. Again, ALLEGED. Up until this point, I was not familiar with this ordeal or the employee, because I don’t run day to day operations at Bar Vegan. But because it’s a SEXY STORY to make a community leader look like a bad guy, this has become headline news. What do I gain withholding someone’s hard earned money when my blessings overflow EVERYDAY? When I’m helping people EVERYDAY! When I’m using my resources to put people on EVERYDAY.. employees included! My life’s work is in service, and this negativity don’t match my name.”

Cole, experienced a tumultuous week but ultimately had a major comeback after a recent setback. The Atlanta-based restaurateur was thrilled to learn she had been nominated for an NAACP award for “Outstanding Literary Work” for her book, “Eat Plants B*tch”.

Cole shared her excitement in a video posted on social media, showing the moment she received the news while riding in a car with her fiancé and team.

The nomination came just a day after Cole announced that a scheduled appearance on the Today show had been cancelled. The cancellation was in the wake of a lawsuit filed by a former employee accusing Cole of taking tips from staff and not paying minimum wage.

“My lawyers have advised me not to comment on this, but now my reputation is being compromised and I’m being removed from an opportunity that I worked my entire life for,” she shared in her lengthy statement.

“To get a call that I was removed from tomorrows show because they don’t want to be involved in the storylines, is bizarre to me, but all good.”

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