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Philadelphia Leaders Propose Public Ski Mask Ban

June 19, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Philadelphia leaders are contemplating a ban on ski masks in public spaces such as parks and schools, reports 6 ABC News. Wearing ski masks in recreational centers, daycares, parks, and city-owned buildings could result in a $250 fine.

Additionally, individuals wearing ski masks while committing a crime may face a hefty $2,000 fine. However, the proposal does not apply to costumes, religious holiday attire, or safety equipment used for work.

City Council Member Anthony Phillips said, “You cannot distinguish a misguided kid from a common criminal.” “We cannot ignore it because neighbors feel unsafe, we can’t ignore the police’s struggle to identify suspects. This is a public safety and a quality-of-life issue.”

Teenagers’ express apprehension regarding the ongoing events in their neighborhoods, acknowledging the city’s concern. However, they also fear the potential consequences of these circumstances. They believe that wearing masks could protect them from being wrongly identified and targeted.

“Some people just wear it (ski masks) for protection,” said Samia Glenn from West Philadelphia.

“Ski mask isn’t always defensive. Everybody doesn’t wear it just because they’re doing something bad.”

In June, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation banned face masks earlier on public transit.

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