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Own a Flying Car: A Dream Turned Reality with a $300,000 Price Tag

July 5, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Alef, the San Mateo start-up, has received a groundbreaking approval from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) for its Model A flying car, reports Newsweek. This historic milestone the first time a vehicle of its kind has received the green light for use in the United States.

Alef CEO, Jim Dukhovny, with expertise in software engineering, revealed in a video presentation last October that their company had been successfully conducting flights since 2018. Dukhovny also shared that the car has an aerial range of 110 miles.

“There is a reason we don’t have flying cars today; it is because it is impossible,” he teased the audience. “Why? The laws of physics. To fly, you need an air pressure under the wing to be more than [the] air pressure over the wing… Hence, you need a large wing area.”

Like modern airplanes, the large wings generate lift by manipulating air pressure. They’re designed to push air underneath while minimizing the air flow over the top. This lift allows the aircraft to take off when it reaches sufficient speed.

However, it’s crucial for the wings to be appropriately sized relative to the weight of the vehicle they support.

Dukhovny also noted, a flying car “also needs to be skinny enough to fit in your driveway.” “We did the impossible, but we did not break the laws of physics—we fooled them.”

Dukhovny expressed his aspirations for the car’s potential to facilitate longer-range flights, yet emphasized its vertical landing and take-off abilities that enable it to effortlessly “hop” over congested areas plagued by traffic jams or road accidents.

According to Alef, they’ve received substantial pre-order interest for their product, even though it carries a price tag equivalent to a Bentley Continental GT. However, no specific details were provided regarding the number of units requested or the sales target required to recover development costs.

After acquiring a Special Airworthiness Certification, Dukhovny stated the approval “allows us to move closer to bringing people an environmentally friendly and faster commute.”

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