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Ohio School District Moves To Four-Day Week Due To Teacher Burnout

March 20, 2023 | By Kali Girl

The North College Hill City School District in Ohio has implemented a fresh approach to learning for the upcoming academic year. According to Fox News, the school district officials unanimously voted to adopt the “blended learning” model, where teachers and students will attend school for four days a week.

Students will be allowed to work at home as “self-directed,” one day a week. This approach was successful during the pandemic, and the Cincinnati school district’s board members are optimistic concerning the outcome of this model in the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

School district superintendent Eugene Blalock Jr. believes this “could be a model that could save the profession of education.”

North College Hill City school district is the first district in Ohio to adopt this blended model.

The new calendar has already been updated on the district’s website, clearly indicating that every Monday throughout the academic year will now be referred to as a “Blended Learning Day.”

Blalock stated, “Teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates and the idea of being able to have some time some quality time dedicated time to just get some collaboration some planning is something that is intriguing to the teachers, and it actually has excited and reignited my teachers.”

He believes move would encourage educators to work for the district and help alleviate the stresses of hardworking staff.  In addition, this new method will further the district’s mission to focus on “our students’ social and emotional needs.”

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