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Offset Blames QCM For Music Release Interference

April 3, 2023 | By Kali Girl

The dispute between Offset and Quality Control may be low-key on social media, but the legal battle is heating up behind the scenes. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the Migos star, who was once a loyal member of the label, is involved in a legal dispute regarding his rights as a solo artist.

While rumors of tension within Migos had been swirling for some time, the release of a joint project by Takeoff and Quavo called Unc & Phew only added fuel to the fire.

Despite this, Offset pressed ahead with his solo endeavors, but his plans were abruptly halted by the news of a lawsuit.

According to sources, Offset took Quality Control Music to court, leading to an ongoing dispute over the ownership of his solo recordings.

Radar Online claims to possess paperwork about the case in which Offset reportedly stated, QCM’s interference is hindering his ability to release new music.

In 2021, reads the documents, “came to understand the full ramification of the deal that he entered into.”

Upon examining his contract and understanding the full ramification of the deal, Offset decided to go independent, asserting that he and QCM had even come to an agreement. Radar Online reported, the agreement allowed him to “reclaim the rights to his solo recording and songwriting.”

Offset also mentioned that he had paid his label generously for the rights to his music. However, following the release of his single “54321,” QCM allegedly tried to claim ownership of the song.

The lawsuit read, “Offset now brings this action to vindicate his rights and make it clear to the world that Offset, not Quality Control, owns Offset’s music.”

His lawyer stated, “Quality Control no longer owns the copyright to Offset’s solo sound recordings and is no longer licensing Offset’s solo sound recordings to Capitol, and Capitol has acquired ownership of Offset’s solo sound recordings directly from Offset.”

However, QCM is requesting that the lawsuit be thrown out. It is their claim that the label, “had an agreement with Capitol Records that required Capitol to assign all of Capitol’s rights in sound recordings obtained by Quality Control’s ‘Accepted Artist’ that it had furnished to Capitol back to Quality Control.”

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