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Obama Highlights Titanic Sub Obsession, Neglects Migrant Boat Tragedy

June 26, 2023 | By Kali Girl

The world was captivated by the missing Titan submersible, which was en route to the Titanic wreck with five passengers. As details about the passengers, their motives, and concerns regarding the submersible emerged, social media witnessed an outpouring of empathy and support for these individuals, each of whom invested $250,000 in exploring the Titanic wreckage.

However, a disparity in the response is being pointed out on social media, comparing it to the recent tragedy off the coast of Greece, reports USA TODAY.

In that incident, a boat carrying between 400 and 750 migrants capsized, resulting in the rescue of only 104 individuals, while 82 were found dead, and the fate of the remaining is unknown.

According to the Independent, former US President Barack Obama criticized the prevailing fixation on the ill-fated Titanic tourist sub, highlighting the lack of attention given to the tragic deaths of numerous migrants when a fishing boat capsized near the shores of Greece.

Addressing the Stavros Niarchos Foundation conference in Athens, Obama underscored the stark disparity in media coverage between these two incidents.

“Think about the circumstances which lead desperate people to come here. And we can’t ignore it,” he said.

“You think about what’s happening this week. There is a potential tragedy unfolding with the submarine that is getting, you know, minute-to-minute, coverage, all around the world.

“And you know it’s understandable, because we all want and pray that those folks are rescued,” he said, prior to the announcement that the five submarine passengers were killed.

“But the fact that that’s got so much more attention than 700 people who sank.” “Right here, just off the coast of Greece, we had 700 people that – 700 migrants who were apparently being smuggled into here – and we’ve made news, but it’s not dominating in the same way,” he said.

“And in some ways, it’s indicative of the degree to which people’s life chances have grown so disparate.”

Former President later added to his argument on CNN, highlighting how the “news of the day” shows the “obscene” “levels of inequality” today.”

The boat holding the migrants capsized on June 14 and the submersible went missing on June 18.

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