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Oakland’s Psychedelic Mushroom Church Expands to San Francisco

August 15, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Zide Door Church, previously raided by Oakland Police, established new San Francisco location for members seeking ‘sacrament,’ reports the SF Standard.

The SoMa satellite outpost on Howard Street embraces an industrial vibe and artistic atmosphere, drawing volunteers and 80,000 registered members who pay a monthly fee of $5.

The second-floor distribution event recently welcomed attendees to collect their unique ‘sacrament‘—not traditional religious elements such as communion crackers and blessed wine, but rather natural psychoactive substances like cannabis and magic mushrooms.

This unconventional practice lies at the core of the Church of Ambrosia, a nondenominational faith led by Dave Hodges.

Earlier this year, Hodges took the stage adorned in a clergy robe and hat adorned with marijuana leaves during the Spirituality and Beyond 3 Conference. The event, dedicated to exploring psychedelics, saw a considerable turnout.

Pastor Dave’s keynote speech passionately advocated for the mindful and responsible use of powerful psychedelic experiences, particularly in the form of profound mushroom journeys.

“I never imagined myself being the head of what’s technically one of the largest megachurches in the country,” he said at the Midway.

Referred to as the ‘high-dose space,’ these experiences were presented as a transformative avenue for spiritual growth, offering potential healing from emotional wounds and forging a closer connection to the divine.

Contrasting them with casual recreational usage, these profound encounters necessitate careful planning and attention, promising potentially life-altering outcomes for those who engage.

The church’s name, born from a follower’s misinterpretation of ‘side door,’ pays homage to Measure Z, an influential 2004 Oakland ballot measure.

This measure downgraded the law enforcement priority of possessing psychedelic substances, a connection that underscores the church’s unique origin.

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