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Mo’Nique Takes Aim at Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley for Their ‘Backhanded’ Compliments

February 15, 2023 | By Kali Girl

As reported by The Jasmine Brand, Mo’Nique clapped back at Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley, following their discussion on their recently launched podcast “Two Funny Mama’s.”.

The duo delved into Mo’Nique’s controversial blacklisting from the film and television industry, as well as her BET project, “The Reading” stating,

“Mo’Nique won the Oscar for Precious for a reason…People underestimate comics. She’s really really good – she’s a great actress. Now personality wise, she’s always getting in trouble, always. If it’s not with another comic, D.L. Hughley…it’s somebody.

“Let me tell ya’ll something, go watch….This is why I hate that Mo’Nique got blackballed by Hollywood,”

However, Mo’Nique was quick to respond via Instagram writing, “Hello Sherrie and Kim, first thank you for your compliments regarding my talents and performance in “The Reading“. I couldn’t help but notice though, that you two said, because of my personality I’m always “getting in trouble”.

“You then attempted to show a connection between my personality and me being

blackballed, along with the fallout I had with Brother DL Hughley. In addition, you two within the same breath mentioned how we as comics are “underestimated”.

“First thing, kids with their parents, criminals with the law, and slaves with their masters, get into trouble, and last time / checked, I don’t fit into any of these categories to get in trouble with anyone mentioned, do you two?”

“When you two say “we as comics are underrated”, and you Sherrie, Kim and I are ironically all black female comics, why do you think we’re “underrated”? My personality is of such where I have to speak up and out against injustices, so we can stop being as you both said, “underrated.”

“And if you notice I haven’t ever started a conversation about you two that involved any negativity in any way in all of the years I’ve known you two. Check my resume’ I don’t go knocking on anyones door saying things I can’t substantiate, but some people have a problem with me because when they knock on my door with BS. I answer.”

“Anytime the team of vou two sisters would like to speak with the team of my husband and I, we welcome it. Thank you two again for the compliments, though backhanded, and please know regardless, I still love you both to life.”

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