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Monica Confronts Male Fan Attacking Woman at Her Show

July 24, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Monica proved to be a true real-life superwoman during her recent performance, stepping in to rescue a fan in need, reports Hip Hop DX. At Detroit’s Riverfront Music Festival, the “So Gone” singer witnessed a woman being assaulted by another concertgoer, which triggered an immediate response from her.

Without hesitation, the 42-year-old singer called out the male culprit on stage and bravely jumped into the crowd, confronted him and taking matters into her own hands.

“Don’t you hit her like that!” Monica scolded the man, before urging security to kick him out. “Listen, if y’all don’t get that n*gga up outta here … Is you out your f*cking mind?”

After squaring up to the offender, she continued giving him a tongue-lashing, saying: “You don’t hit no f*cking lady like that! F*ck-a** n*gga.

Despite a minor setback, the songstress returned to the stage, visibly moved, and apologized to her audience reported by the Detroit Metro Times.

“I want to apologize, y’all. That shit triggered me,” she told the crowd. “I seen him punch that lady in the face, I lost my fuckin’ temper. I apologize y’all. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

As the crowd buzzed with anticipation, her devoted fans swiftly united, showing unwavering support for her decisive stance.

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