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Mississippi GOP Approves Creation of Unaccountable Court for Majority-Black City

February 14, 2023 | By Kali Girl

A proposed bill for a new court system in Jackson, Mississippi was approved by the state’s House of Representatives. However, controversy has arisen over the process for appointing judges and prosecutorsreports The Guardian.

The proposed legislation, as detailed by Mississippi Today, seeks to establish a distinct justice system for the white community in what is known as the most African American populated city in Mississippi.

The bill would permit the Mississippi Supreme Court’s white chief justice, white attorney general, and white state public safety commissioner to nominate new judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and police officers.

Currently, judges and prosecutors in the state are elected by voters.

After the passing of House Bill 1020 on Tuesday evening, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba of Jackson criticized the proposed law as “some of the most oppressive legislation in our city’s history.

“It’s oppressive because it strips the right of Black folks to vote. It’s oppressive because it puts a military force over people that has no accountability to them. It’s oppressive because there will be judges who will determine sentences over people’s lives. It’s oppressive because it redirects their tax dollars to something they don’t endorse nor believe in,” Lumumba said.

With a vote of 76-38, the bill has been passed and is now awaiting approval from the governor and state Senate, where Republicans maintain a significant majority, to be enacted into law.

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