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Michael Jackson Molestation Allegations by Wade Robson Headed to Trial

June 27, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Michael Jackson is set to face trial for allegations of child molestation, specifically involving choreographer Wade Robson, reports TMZ. The California Court of Appeal has given Robson the green light to proceed with his case, claiming that Jackson molested him at the Neverland Ranch when Robson was between the ages of 7 and 14.

Robson is suing Jackson’s corporation, MJJ Productions, Inc., and the company’s lawyers argued that they had no legal responsibility to protect Robson or others from Jackson since they had no control over him.

While the trial court initially sided with the Estate’s argument, the Court of Appeal disagrees, and a tentative ruling suggests that the case will be sent back for trial.

According to Robson, when he arrived in the U.S. from Australia as a child, Jackson became his friend and subjected him to sexual abuse. During Jackson’s 2005 trial for molesting another boy, Robson initially testified that he slept in MJ’s bed but nothing inappropriate occurred.

However, in 2013, he changed his statement, filing a lawsuit against the company and admitting that he had previously testified falsely in Jackson’s defense due to “complete manipulation and brainwashing.”

In another legal battle, James Safechuck also filed a lawsuit against MJJ Productions. The Court of Appeal, with today’s preliminary ruling, indicates that Safechuck will also get his opportunity to present his case before the court.

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