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LA Nonprofit Distributes Meth Pipes To Skid Row’s Homeless

May 11, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Fox LA, a controversial move by a local nonprofit has stirred up a heated debate in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Reports suggest that Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles workers have been distributing crystal meth pipes to the homeless population of Skid Row in an effort to support those grappling with addiction.

Witnesses claim that the workers ride around the area in a golf cart, handing out the drug paraphernalia to those in need. However, this unconventional approach has triggered a strong reaction from some members of the community who perceive it as a reckless and hazardous intervention.

Tony Anthony, a resident in the neighborhood, expressed his disbelief when he stumbled upon workers distributing these pipes.

“They had boxes of it passing it out, and I’m like, this is a damn shame… they shouldn’t be doing this,” he said.

Broken pipes can be spotted littering the streets, a repulsive sight for locals. While some advocates argue that distributing these pipes can be a life-saving measure, others oppose the idea.

According to Andy Bales, the Union Rescue Mission’s President and CEO, providing addicts with tools to sustain their addiction is not the correct approach to supporting individuals experiencing homelessness.

The Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles’ Executive Director has declined to release a formal statement. Nonetheless, during a phone call, he disclosed that distributing meth pipes is a safety concern and part of a harm-reduction strategy, similar to distributing sterile needles.

While some view it as a helpful aid, others view it as enabling harmful behavior. Tony Anthony proposed a unique perspective: instead of distributing pipes, distributing food and water would be a more effective way of supporting individuals without homes.


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