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Kevin Garnett Proposes $1M Rap Battle To Crown Top NBA Rapper

April 26, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Basketball legend Kevin Garnett has recently suggested that the NBA should host a rap battle competition for players during the All-Star Weekend, reports Hip Hop DX. Garnett proposed a grand prize of $1 million for the winner of the tournament, which has generated significant interest within the NBA community.

The idea was voiced during an interview with Bones Hyland, a guard for the Los Angeles Clippers who has demonstrated his own lyrical talents outside of basketball.

“In today’s game, it’s over 40 MCs in the league,” he began. “I’m talking about music, I ain’t talking about no bball. I’m talking about rhymers. N-ggas that could rhyme that y’all didn’t even know that’s in our league.

“I think it’s over 20 rap labels in our league owned by players that you wouldn’t even know… I’m telling Adam Silver, on the Friday night right after the Rookie game, million-dollar purse. You gon’ take 10 rappers they gon’ sign up themselves [and] you gon’ do four rounds and then two at the end and then one win the million.”

KG continued: “We gon’ get BetMGM to sponsor the joint, they gon’ give away the million and then we gon’ get the top 10 MCs. We gon’ turn the stadium into a booth.

“We gon’ bring Big Tigger out, we gon’ have DJ Clue on the ones and twos. Him and Drama gon’ come out. We gotta bring DJ Drama, we gotta bring out Clue, and we gotta bring Big Tigger out. We gon’ do The Basement at 9 o’clock after the Rookie game. Top 10 MCs in the league.”

Only time will tell if NBA Commissioner Adam Silver takes heed of Garnett’s recommendation and turn the Hall-of-Famer’s rap battle concept into a reality. The upcoming All-Star Weekend is set to take place in Indianapolis next February.

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