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Judge Joe Brown Threatens To Sue Over Sexual Assault Slander

March 28, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Judge Joe Brown, the uncompromising TV judge who pioneered as the first African American to lead a courtroom series, is setting the record straight. According to All Hip Hop, Brown is taking steps to clear his name of the most recent whispers regarding an interview with Sheryl Lee Ralph and Angela Yee. Brown denies any allegations of sexual assault.

He’s making it clear that he’ll take legal action against anyone who publicly accuses him as the individual referenced in Ralph’s recent interview. During the interview on Yee’s “Way Up” show, Lee stated, “I could tell you another time this was a famous TV judge, not Judge Mathis, I love him … He’s a great man … not him …  another one.”

Lee went on to explain her experience about being groped by men in the industry, calling them out about it, and being sexually assaulted by a famous TV judge, & asked not to report it.

She further added, “I’m at a very public place…I had my suit on. I was handling my business for the television show I was on at that time. He and I were on the same network,” she recalled. “This man walked in, grabbed me by the back of my neck, turned me around, and rammed his nasty tongue down my throat.”

Outraged and perhaps mortified, Lee stated everyone from the network saw it.

As the interview circulated, Brown quickly denied being the judge in question. “This is a warning. I might bring in my legal crew and proceed for defamation of character,” he said. “You see when they put my face next to hers and they start doing that little stuff there, that becomes innuendo.” “That’s very destructive to my reputation.”

Brown went on to defend his reputation stating, he has a “long track record of ensuring that women get justice,” and has spent “the last half-century protecting womanhood and promoting manhood.”

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