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JT Opens Up About the Future of City Girls

February 13, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Hip Hop DX, JT bared all in a candid conversation with Angie Martinez, spilling on her fears and the obstacles that could potentially hinder her working relationship with Yung Miami. JT opened up about her personal journey, both on and off the stage, and shared her aspirations for growth as a woman and an artist.

When the subject around the future of City Girls came up, she said, ““Hopefully the future of the City Girls can be the City Girls. And I pray that our egos does not separate it. Or the internet. Or guys. Or like, nothing!”

“Sometimes I be on my sh*t; sometimes she be on her sh*t,” she continued. “You know? Like, we’re human; we’re women. We’re not girls, we’re women. Sometimes I wanna be with my man, just like sometimes she wanna be with her man. And I hope that’s not what be the reason or interfere.”

Despite any potential challenges, JT confidently shares that she doesn’t foresee any bad blood between her and her beloved rap partner. Instead, her only concern lies in the possibility of their separate passions hindering their journey as a duo.

“I do not see beefin’ and breaking up with the City Girls at all,” she declared. “Ever! That’s just stupid. I hope we don’t get too busy.”

Although the women have always displayed a united front, the two have each forged their own unique paths, showcasing their individual talents through solo ventures and collaborations. Yung Miami has embraced her role as a podcaster with “Caresha Please” and made her acting debut in the new season of BMF and Netflix’s “You People”. Meanwhile, JT has delved into the fashion and beauty industries.

On Thursday, February 9th, she announced her first solo brand deal with KISS Colors & Care. The launch with KISS Colors & Care, also includes the JT Braid, Loc & Twist Line, featuring a variety of products from braid, loc, and twist stylers to Edge Fixer wax sticks and luxurious silk bonnets.

So, for now it looks like the rumors circulating of a breakup with the duo are not true…at this time.

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