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Ja Rule Weighs In On Morant and Hip Hop’s Negative Influence

March 20, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Ja Rule has weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding NBA player Ja Morant’s behavior, suggesting that hip-hop music may have played a role. According to Hip Hop DX, Ja Rule, believes this theory is a strong possibility, as he himself recalls adopting certain behaviors after being influenced by music during his younger years.

“You know, Hip Hop is very influential,” Ja Rule said.  “I’ve done things in my youth because of Hip Hop. Ya know, Redman made ‘How To Roll A Blunt,’ we started smoking blunts. Snoop made ‘Gin & Juice,’ we started drinking gin and juice. So Hip Hop is influential; I’m not gonna say it’s not. How far people take it is what it is.

On March 7th, former NBA player Paul Pierce took to twitter and questioned why was Morant’s behavior being scrutinized more harshly than that of many rappers who engage in similar actions on the regular?

“But we glorify and normalize all the rappers who do it and get paid from waiving Guns in rap videos making millions,” Pierce tweeted. “I’m trying to understand make this make since, what crime did he commit?”

However, rapper Cam’ron attributed Morant’s behavior to what he refers to as the “Gary Coleman Syndrome.”  Killa Cam stated, “It’s when you get money at a young age, and you got more money than the n-ggas around you, so when the older n-ggas around you got some knowledge, you don’t wanna hear that. You only listen to the n-ggas that be like, ‘Word, you doing the right thing.’”

“I just hope he has better people around him to let him know that ain’t the way.”

Ja Rule added that he too hopes Morant is given the opportunity and support to adjust and self-correct.

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