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I-95 Section Collapses in Philadelphia, Causing Disruption

June 11, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to AP News, a significant section of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia experienced a catastrophic collapse in the early hours of Sunday, causing severe disruptions to travel along the Northeast corridor.

The incident was triggered by a vehicle catching fire, resulting in the closure of this crucial north-south highway that connects multiple states on the Eastern seaboard.

Transportation authorities cautioned commuters about extensive delays, street closures, and urged them to avoid the affected area in the northeastern part of the city. While initial reports indicate that the vehicle involved might have been a tanker truck, officials have yet to confirm this detail.

Former Philadelphia police sergeant Mark Fusetti witnessed dense black smoke rising over the highway as he drove south towards the city’s airport. While passing the fire, he noticed the road underneath starting to sink, causing a visible depression captured in his video footage of the incident.

Traffic behind him came to a standstill, and shortly thereafter, the northbound lanes of the highway collapsed.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported in connection with this incident.

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