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Grandmaster Flash Slams Hip Hop 50 Celebrations: Overlooking Origins

June 20, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Grandmaster Flash, a key figure in the birth of Hip Hop, expressed his dissatisfaction with self-proclaimed fans who lack knowledge of the genre’s history, reports Hip Hop DX.

During an interview on Shade 45, the pioneering DJ took to TikTok and later Instagram to educate the hosts and call out those who overlooked important contributors in their 50th anniversary Hip Hop celebrations.

“Can you verbalize to this?” he began. “There was one gentleman — just one — who had this nursery rhyme type of style. And we met, briefly. And then, when I went to go visit my girlfriend, he was there. He was dating the older sister, and I was dating the younger one. So, we meet again. And the next time I played in the park, I ask him to try. And this is where the rapper was born.”

He added: “His name was Keith Wiggins, also known as ‘Cowboy.’ […] The rest of the Five is history. But I just wanted to say, like, thank you for this, Sway. Yes, I know we have a lot to talk about. But Hip Hop is 50 years old. And do you know, out of all the interviews I’ve been listening to, nobody’s talking about where this started!”

“Nobody’s talking about the DJs. Nobody’s talking about the incredible producers, who put these incredible songs together. Because I’m telling you, I’ll put my life on this, that any one of you rappers could not have written these dope ass rhymes [without them].”

The Hip Hop pioneer isn’t a square or traditionalist, as he embraces contemporary sounds, such Drake and GloRilla.

Meanwhile, DJ Flash was honored with a music doctorate and served as the keynote speaker at Lehman College’s 2023 Spring Commencement Ceremony.

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