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Gillie Da Kid Eyes 76ers Coaching Gig Post-Doc Rivers

May 18, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Hip Hop DX reports that Gillie Da Kid, the rapper-turned-podcaster, has expressed interest in potentially filling the shoes of Doc Rivers, who was recently let go as head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Taking to Instagram, Gillie shared a list of potential coaching candidates, following the news of Rivers’ dismissal following another disappointing playoff performance.

“Doc is gone. We ain’t take that long. I told you he was putting that n-gga on the first thing smoking,” he said. “No disrespect, Doc, you’re a hall-of-fame coach you just weren’t for the Sixers.

“Now Philadelphia 76ers I got four selections for you — No. 1 Mark Jackson, No. 2 Sam Cassell, No. 3 Jerome Allen, No. 4 now this is a good one — me and Wallo. I do the coaching, Wallo give out all the muthaf*ckin’ motivational speeches before the game. How the f*ck we gon’ lose?”

Rivers was terminated by the 76ers after his third season, where he steered the team to the playoffs but couldn’t successfully bring them through the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

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