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Future Launches Atlanta STEM Lab for Marginalized Students

June 13, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Future, the rapper-producer, is investing in Atlanta students’ future by launching a cutting-edge STEM lab, reports XXL Mag. In collaboration with the 2K Foundations, Future’s Freewishes Foundation has established this state-of-the-art facility to empower marginalized students in the ATL area.

The STEM lab, situated at Bessie Branham Park in Kirkwood, where Future himself grew up, aims to support and nurture aspiring students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Future emphasized the significance of providing STEM education to young people, regardless of their social or economic backgrounds.

“It’s important that all students receive access to STEM education regardless of their background,” he said. “Our Freewishes Foundation, in partnership with the 2K Foundations, has helped make this possible in our Atlanta community. We’re thankful for their commitment to support our initiative.”

Tia Wilburn, Executive Director of Freewishes Foundation and Future’s sister, agreed and revealed that the Foundation integrated an “Art” element into the curriculum, enabling students to explore their creative talents.

“We wanted to add art because both Future and I support creativity,” she added in a statement. “Our objective in providing educational opportunities is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all students regardless of income and background. There is a major gap in STEM education that impacts marginalized communities, and we want to close that gap so that no child is left behind.”

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