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Florida Steakhouse Closes as Meth Found in Customers After Dining

July 17, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Florida’s Nikko Japanese Steakhouse faced backlash when diners tested positive for methamphetamine after their meal, reports Complex. Following the incident, the Pace-based restaurant has been forced to shut down.

Patrons reported falling ill after dining at the hibachi table on June 9. Out of the seven affected individuals, three tested positive for methamphetamine after undergoing testing. Although local authorities launched an investigation into the alleged poisoning, no arrests were made due to insufficient evidence.

With claims of being “brutally harassed” by the media, the steakhouse posted a statement on Facebook announcing its closure.

“After more than ten years of serving the Pace community, we have decided to close Nikko Japanese Steakhouse,” the restaurant wrote. “It was determined by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office that there was nothing linking the restaurant to the accusations, and after a clear survey by the health department, we re-open our doors. We are so thankful to our regulars who came back to support us, unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to keep the doors open.”

“Since then, we have been brutally harassed, daily, by various media outlets, who have slandered and defamed every aspect of our business. We have been investigated, searched, and questioned while fully cooperating at all times. That’s all we could do.”

Colleagues suspected a co-worker of tampering with the food, but investigators couldn’t substantiate the accusation. As per the police report, the individual exhibited unusual behavior on June 9.

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