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Flavor Flav Is Grateful And Celebrates Sobriety Milestones

June 20, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Flavor Flav, known for his music and past struggles with addiction, is now celebrating a different achievement, reports Hip Hop DX. The Public Enemy rapper recently took to Instagram to express his gratitude for his newfound sobriety.

In his post, Flav revealed that he had been smoking cigarettes since the age of six but now happily shares that he has been cigarette-free for the last three years.

“IMPORTANT!! I’ve changed. Today I am 3 years clean from cigarettes that I started smoking when I was just 6 years old,” he began. “Soon I’ll be 3 years sober from alcohol. And I’ve been 15+ years sober from drugs. I’m proud to share my sobriety journey, and thanks to my friends and family and those who support me.

“To everyone out there struggling with addiction, it is a real battle you fight every day. But I’m still here, and you know what, I DID IT, and if I can do it, anyone can do it!!! To every media outlet that tries to capitalize on my goodwill trending topics and bring up my past or old interviews for sensational clickbait headlines, do better and bring up my future.”

Flavor Flav recently opened up about his ongoing struggle with addiction. In a recent interview on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast, he shared his journey to sobriety and shed light on the severity of his addiction.

The musician bravely confessed that there was a period in his life when he was spending more than $2,000 daily on drugs.

He continued: “Allow for people to grow and change in a supportive manner, and don’t let anyone hold you to your past, I wear the clock, my clock goes clockwise, not counterclockwise, Look forward, not backwards.”

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