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Female Suspect Collaborates With neo-Nazi Group to Sabotage Power Infrastructure

February 8, 2023 | By KGB Staff

According to APNews, a Maryland woman and a Florida-based neo-Nazi leader have been arrested for conspiring to carry out an attack on Baltimore’s power grid, according to law enforcement officials. The plan, which involved a series of sniper attacks on Maryland electrical substations, was thwarted last week, adding to concerns over the vulnerability of the American electrical grid to domestic terrorism. Sarah Beth Clendaniel, 34, was working with Brandon Russell, the founder of a Florida-based neo-Nazi group, to further their racist mission, officials said.

The complaint alleges that Clendaniel had intended to carry out attacks on five substations located in a circular pattern around Baltimore, a predominantly African American city that is mostly surrounded by predominantly white suburban areas.

“It would probably permanently completely lay this city to waste if we could do that successfully,” Clendaniel told a confidential informant she met through Russell, according to the complaint. She was most recently living outside the city in surrounding Baltimore County, officials said.

Clendaniel confided in the informant about her terminal kidney failure, revealing that she only had a few months left to live. Determined to make a lasting impact, she sought to find a way to “accomplish something worthwhile” before she died.

Many of their discussions centered around carrying out devastating attacks.

Baltimore Gas and Electric and Maryland’s Gov. Wes Moore thanked law enforcement and commended them in “preventing a potentially catastrophic attack on several of Maryland’s electrical substations.”

U.S. power grid vulnerabilities exposed by recent attacks. In Washington state, two men were arrested for damaging substations, causing widespread power outages during the holiday season. Also, in December a substation shooting attack in North Carolina leads to widespread power disruptions for tens of thousands of customers.”

Such vulnerabilities to the nation’s power grid has sparked concerns for critical infrastructure protection.

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