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Dr. Miami: Celebs Are Saying Goodbye To ‘Dump Truck’ Butts

April 4, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Blac Chyna took to Instagram to reveal her decision to undergo breast and butt reduction surgery, citing health concerns. According to Complex, this bold move by Chyna has sparked conversations on whether the trend of women enhancing their curves and getting facial fillers has come to an end.

For years, Hollywood upheld the notion of slim and model-like figures as the epitome of beauty. However, in 2010 society saw a shift in the perception of women’s bodies, with many opting for Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) to achieve a more curvaceous figure.

A figure that many attribute to the Kardashians as the trend setters. However, many have noticed a shift in their appearing as Kim, Khloe, and Kylie all appear slimmer and with less curve. Some are now referring to a new and more subtle option called the Skinny BBL.

Complex sat down for an interview with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, aka, Dr. Miami who said, “I’m not yet convinced that suddenly people don’t want to have big butts. I think people have overshot the mark of what they thought they wanted. So, let’s say you got your BBL in 2017. Now you’ve lived with it for a few years, and you think, “Maybe I went too far.”

“So now you want it a little bit smaller. The popularity of the procedure hit a peak, and now people who maybe have gone too far are realizing it and coming back to get it back to a more moderate size.”

“People who have maybe overshot the mark are now wanting to be a little bit less exaggerated or less noticeably enhanced.”

When it comes to the BBL era, Dr. Miami added, “No, it is not over. I think people are realizing what the right amount is. And people are more self-conscious about that.”

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