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Dr. Cornel West Announces 2024 Presidential Candidacy

June 7, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Renowned scholar and esteemed activist, Dr. Cornel West, made a groundbreaking declaration on Monday, officially throwing his hat into the presidential race as a candidate for the People’s Party, reports Politico.

“I have decided to run for truth and justice, which takes the form of running for president of the United States as a candidate for the People’s Party,” Dr. West said in a video announcement on Twitter. 

“I enter for the quest for truth. I enter for the quest of justice. And the presidency is just one vehicle we pursue that truth and justice.”

Known for his academic activism and former professorships at Harvard and Princeton, in a video statement, the 70-year-old Dr. West emphasized his dedication to voters’ quality of life, setting himself apart from other political parties.

“Neither political party wants to tell the truth about Wall Street, about Ukraine, about the Pentagon, about big tech,” Dr. West said. “Do we have what it takes? We shall see.”

Dr. West departed Harvard in 2002 amidst clashes with the then-president Summers, opting to join Princeton University. In 2021, he once more bid farewell to Harvard due to a tenure disagreement, condemning the institution for its “intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy of deep depths.”

Presently, Dr. West occupies the esteemed Dietrich Bonhoeffer Chair at Union Theological Seminary.

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