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DJ Envy Breakfast Club Faces A String of Real Estate Lawsuits

July 31, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Hip Hop DX, DJ Envy, co-host of The Breakfast Club is entangled in a string of real estate lawsuits, accused of engaging in fraudulent activities.

According to The Real Deal, Envy and two real estate investors, Cesar and Jennifer Pina, are collectively facing lawsuits totaling $1.5 million. The plaintiffs, Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini, contend that Envy and his partners deceived them out of money by promising an apartment complex project that never came to fruition.

In response to the alleged fraud, Barone and Martini are seeking a substantial sum in compensatory, consequential, and punitive damages.

“Social media posts tipped Barone off to allegations that DJ Envy and the Pinas were running a Ponzi scheme,” reported the outlet. “Neither investor has been paid back by the Pinas, who have an existing social media profile with content related to past flipping projects.”

According to a post on Instagram addressing the allegations, Cesar Pina wrote: “It’s not a secret that my relationship with DJ Envy extends beyond the turntables and into the real estate market,” he wrote. “However, it’s critical to clarify that he was never involved in any deals, negotiations, or partnerships that have come into question.”

He added: “I’m sorry to my wife, my family, DJ Envy and Envy’s entire family. I love you guys and I’m sorry that individuals with nothing to lose are trying to bring you down.”

The accusers claim that DJ Envy purchased several properties in Paterson, NJ, and deliberately undervalued them. Subsequently, he purportedly engaged in “fix-and-flip” practices or rented them out for financial gain.

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