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Dennis Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez’s Brother, Accused of ESPN and University Threats

July 27, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to NBC Connecticut, Dennis “DJ” Hernandez, the brother of the late NFL player Aaron Hernandez, has found himself in legal trouble after facing accusations of making threatening statements targeting the University of Connecticut, Brown University, and individuals.

The arrest, carried out by the Bristol, Connecticut police on July 19, led to charges of threatening and breach of peace in the second degree.

Hernandez has a history with football, having played at UConn during his college days and later serving as the quarterbacks coach for Brown’s football team during the 2011-12 academic year.

The motive behind the alleged threats seems to be shrouded in concern for Hernandez’s mental well-being. According to the arrest warrant, Hernandez was described as “extremely sick” and suggested a deteriorating mental health condition.

Per the arrest warrant, Hernandez went to the University of Connecticut and Brown University to “map the schools out,” and was planning a school shooting.

An alarming social media post ended with a menacing question, “Will I kill?” Absolutely I’ve warned my enemies so pay up front (sic.) He also mentioned ESPN, but not any people.

When authorities spoke with him on the phone, he threatened violence towards them and declared his intention and “would kill all of us,” if approached. Subsequently, Hernandez confronted the police in person, demanding to be shot.

The officers resorted to using a stun gun, leading to Hernandez falling to the ground. Medical responders from Bristol EMS arrived at the scene to assess his condition.

At the hospital, he continued to make threats, including threats to kill anyone who profited off his brother, Aaron.

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