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David Simon Pleads for Mercy in ‘The Wire’ Actor Michael K. Williams’ Death

July 12, 2023 | By Kali Girl

The Wire co-creator, David Simon, made an unexpected plea for leniency on behalf of a man charged in connection with the tragic death of Michael K. Williams reports Hollywood Reporter. Williams, 54, passed away in 2021 due to a fatal overdose of fentanyl-laced heroin.

Last year, four individuals were charged in a Manhattan federal court in relation to his death. Despite knowing that Williams died from their product, these men continued to sell fentanyl-laced heroin in broad daylight near residential areas in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Among them is Carlos Macci, 71, and now Simon is advocating for mercy in his case.

Per The New York Times, Simon penned a three-page letter to a Manhattan judge, asserting that Macci falls victim to the same circumstances that tragically took Williams’ life. Macci has admitted guilt in drug possession and distribution charges and now faces a 10-year prison term.

“What happened to Mike is a grievous tragedy,” Simon reportedly wrote. “But I know that Michael would look upon the undone and desolate life of Mr. Macci and know two things with certainty: First, that it was Michael who bears the fuller responsibility for what happened.”

“No possible good can come from incarcerating a 71-year-old soul, largely illiterate, who has himself struggled with a lifetime of addiction” and was “caught up in the diaspora of addiction himself.”

Simon added that Williams was “one of the finest actors with whom I have had the honor to collaborate and one of the most thoughtful, gracious and charitable souls I could ever call a friend.”

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