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College Board Streamlines A.P. African American Studies Program

February 2, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Amid backlash from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on Wednesday, the first day of Black History month the College Board unveils revised curriculum for its Advanced Placement African American Studies course, reports the NY Times.

The updated version omits references to Black writers and scholars linked to critical race theory, the queer experience, and Black feminism, and eliminates additional topics including Black Lives Matter, the slave trade, and the reparations movement.

The College Board has sparked controversy with its latest revised addition to Advanced Placement (AP) courses: “Black Conservatism” is now available as a research project topic. The debate surrounding the AP course extends beyond just its content and delves into the larger issue of education at the center of bitter partisan arguments.

The College Board’s attempt to construct a curriculum on the contentious topic of the history of race in America has only added fuel to the fire, highlighting the ongoing struggle for a unified narrative, particularly when it comes to the intricate history of Black Americans.

On Tuesday, Florida Governor DeSantis announced a plan to revolutionize higher education, with the goal of breaking down the walls of ideological conformity. In a recent interview, College Board leader David Coleman explained that the proposed changes were purely driven by educational considerations and not by political influence.

As a result of this new revision, school systems will now provide students with a list of recommended topics for end-of-the-year projects.

To learn more on this story, check out the NY Times.

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