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Colin Kaepernick Funds Autopsy For Inmate Who Died In Fulton County Jail

April 28, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has committed to funding an autopsy of Lashawn Thompson, a 35-year-old inmate whose recent passing while in custody at Fulton County Jail has sparked national outrage over allegations of mistreatment leading up to his death.

Thompson was initially brought to the jail on misdemeanor simple battery charges in July but was later transferred to the psychiatric wing due to mental health concerns. Three months later, he was discovered dead in a dirty cell after purportedly being attacked by insects and bed bugs, as claimed by his family’s legal representatives.

Jail records appear to indicate that detention officers and medical personnel were aware of Thompson’s declining health, yet failed to take any action, ultimately resulting in his premature death.

The cause of death was listed as “undetermined” by the county medical examiner, who also notes a “severe bed bug infestation.”

“What you’re looking at, I think, is not just a deplorable jail cell, but this is a crime scene. This is criminal,” Crump said as he held up a photo of Thompson’s dirty, trash-strewn cell during a news conference and rally Thursday in front of the jail.

According to a recent report by TMZ Sports, Colin Kaepernick reached out to attorney Ben Crump with an offer to financially support a second independent autopsy. The cost of such an autopsy is estimated to range between $20,000 to $50,000.

Georgia Democrat and Senate Human Rights Subcommittee Chairman, Jon Ossoff, revealed on Thursday that he intends to launch a fresh investigation into the conditions of incarceration both in Georgia and throughout the United States.

According to reports, jail personnel failed to attend to Thompson’s declining health in the weeks leading up to his death and has consequently called for a criminal investigation.

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