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Chuck D’s ‘Can You Dig It?’ Audible Series: Powerful Hip Hop Preview

July 24, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Hip Hop DX, Chuck D, known for his influential voice in Hip Hop, will be lending his narration skills to the Audible series “Can You Dig It? A Hip Hop Origin Story.”

This five-part Amazon series delves into the birth of the highly lucrative music genre in the Bronx during the 1970s.

“December 8, 1971, was a defining moment in American history,” the Public Enemy legend says at the opening of the show’s trailer. “A time when the gangs of New York laid down their weapons and redirected their youthful energy towards the creative arts. Arts that would eventually become the foundation of what we now know as Hip Hop.”

The essence of the show lies in the murder of Cornell “Black Benjie” Benjamin, a member and peacemaker of the Ghetto Brothers gang. This event sparked a transformative movement as gang members embraced peaceful resolutions, culminating in the iconic Hoe Avenue peace meeting.

It was during this time that Hip Hop was born, sparked further by Kool Herc’s legendary Back to School party in 1973.

Former Black Panther and peacekeeper Joseph Mpa, original Hip Hop MC Coke La Rock, and celebrated photographers-documentarians Joe Conzo and Henry Chalfant, all influential figures of that era, will share their historical insights on the socioeconomic and environmental factors that sparked the birth of this legendary art form.

The titles of each episode in the series are: Episode 1: The Bronx is Burning, Episode 2: Old Enough to Die, Episode 3: The Three Trash Cans, Episode 4: Imagine, and Episode 5: From Hopeless to Hopeful. The series will be released on August 10 via Audible.

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