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Chris Brown & Usher Caught Arguing On Video Amid Fight Reports

May 7, 2023 | By Kali Girl

While it is public knowledge that an altercation occurred between him and Chris, Usher appears to be signaling that he has no visible sign of injury or bruising and is in good spirits, prepared to press forward, reports TMZ.

Allegedly, a dispute between musical artists Usher and Chris Brown escalated into a physical altercation outside Skate Rock City roller rink in Las Vegas last night. TMZ obtained video footage of the events leading up to the incident, which reportedly occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Brown was celebrating his 34th birthday among fellow celebrities, including his close friend Usher.

According to eyewitnesses, Chris attempted to engage in conversation with Teyana Taylor while she was seated on a bench outside of the rink, but she appeared to be ignoring him for unknown reasons.

This reportedly incited Chris, and he began to yell in her direction. It was at this point that Usher intervened to deescalate the situation and calm Chris down.

According to sources, the reason why Chris Brown confronted Teyana Taylor was because she was allegedly involved in planning a performance that did not go as expected. Teyana has been known to take on the role of creative director for various artists and their shows.

Chris approached Teyana to address the situation, but things escalated when she ignored him. According to our sources, Chris demanded that Usher remove Teyana from the party and eventually took it upon himself to ask her to leave, given that it was his birthday celebration.

Although Chris expressed was upset with Teyana, he allegedly directed most of his anger towards Usher. Despite the heated exchange, the situation eventually simmered down as Chris and his team decided to exit the facility.

However, Usher apparently followed them and was seen disappearing behind a line of charter buses. Shortly thereafter, Usher emerged from the area with a bloody nose.

Usher is set to perform as the main act at the “Lover & Friends” music festival this Saturday, as originally scheduled. Despite the earlier incident involving CB and others, the show is expected to proceed as planned.

Regarding Chris, one of the major performers scheduled for tonight’s event, it remains uncertain whether he’ll take the stage. No public statements have been made by Chris as of Saturday.

TMZ has corroborated B. Scott’s report, which suggests that the conflict may have resulted from Chris’ canceled performance at last year’s AMAs, where he was slated to pay tribute to MJ but alleged that he was unexpectedly sidelined.

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