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Chris Brown on Allegations of Banning Black Women from VIP

February 20, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Complex, this past weekend, a group of Black women raised their voices against Chris Brown, claiming that the singer discriminates against Black women by solely permitting white women into his VIP section at clubs.

One of these women took to social media on Saturday to vent her frustration with Breezy, asserting that he had banned all Black women from entering his section at a London nightclub.

“We were supposed to go see Chris Brown,” one woman said in a video posted on Instagram. “We got there and there were thousands of girls lined up. Also, they claimed to be on the VIP guest list.” One of the woman’s friends subsequently chimes in, “They told us ‘No Black girls allowed.” 

On Sunday afternoon, Brown took to his Instagram Story to shut down the accusations. 

“STOP IT” he captioned an image of him in a VIP section surrounded by Black women. “I have black queens all around me. THOP REACHING.”

Following Brown’s response to the allegations, a woman featured in the clip returned to social media to provide further explanation on her previous remarks.

“That video had absolutely nothing to do with Chris Brown,” she explained. “The only reason why his name was mentioned was because we were going to a club where he was hosting at.”

Reposting the clip on Twitter, Chris wrote, “CRAZY that I have to have receipts. LOVE OUTWEIGHS THE HATE OVER HERE!”

What’s interesting is the woman didn’t make the distinction between who stated no black women allowed. It was instead insinuated that while waiting in line to see Chris Brown at a party he was hosting, they were turned around and told “No Black girls allowed.”

The facts were not made clear by the woman until after Chris posted receipts of him with as he stated, “Black queens all around me.”

At present, Brown is in London for his European Tour promoting his 10th studio album, 2022’s Breezy.

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