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China’s Deployment of Spy Balloons at Military Sites Worldwide Confirmed by US Officials

February 9, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to American intelligence agencies, the spy balloons, are believed to be part of a larger global surveillance effort, designed to collect information on the military capabilities of countries around the world, reports MSN.

U.S. officials highlight the strategic advantages of balloons over satellites. For example, these balloons fly at a lower altitude, allowing them to blend in with wind patterns and evade detection.  They can hover over a specific area whereas satellites are constantly in motion. In addition, the cameras on balloons can capture clearer images compared to orbital satellites, and the lower altitude allows for the pickup of signals that satellites cannot detect.”

The latest spy balloon across the United States gave the US military an opportunity to assess the surveillance equipment and greater knowledge of what China can collect.

Prior to last week, US officials have reported tracking of Chinese surveillance balloons gathering information from over a dozen nations globally. With a focus on the Pacific region, these balloons have been spotted hovering over US allies and partners. The Biden administration confirmed sightings of these Chinese efforts across five continents – including over countries in Europe, East Asia, South Asia, North America and Latin America.

The State Department has launched a campaign to shed light on China’s spy balloon program, revealing the extent of their aerial espionage efforts to allied and partner governments worldwide. The move is aimed at empowering these nations to push back against Beijing’s efforts.

Diplomats from the United States seek to demonstrate to international governments that China’s tactics infringe upon the airspace of various nations. Despite this, Chinese authorities continue to maintain that the two balloons observed in the U.S. and Latin America recently were harmless civilian devices.

According to Jude Blanchette, a China scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, “China has taken a ham-fisted approach to public information management.” “The moment they issued the statement of regret, they should have stopped there. Their lies that this was a civilian weather balloon made things worse.”

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