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Cam’ron Supports Ja Morant Amid Stripper Controversy: ‘Y’all Trippin

May 31, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to Hip Hop DX, Cam’ron defended Ja Morant amid gun troubles on his sports talk show, It Is What It Is. The rapper supports Morant against exotic dancers demanding an apology after he displayed a gun on Instagram Live at a Colorado strip club, leading to an eight-game suspension. Co-host Ma$e initiated the conversation humorously, urging Cam’ron to speak up.

“Alright, I heard about kicking a dog when he’s down, but y’all b*tches buggin,’” Cam’ron said. “Listen, if Pooh Shiesty was in there with a pistol, and stuck it all in your face, you’d be hype and all types of sh*t.

“If [Lil] Durk came in there and smacked you with the pistol, you’d fall on the floor and do a m*thaf*ckin’ backflip and love it, as long as he throwing money on you. Now, because n-gga Ja Morant going through a little something, y’all see it’s all NBA and gun control.”

He continued: “A n-gga got a pistol in the strip club every f*cking night. N-gga drink a bottle, show you the pistol, throw the 1’s and you go home or slide with that n-gga. Now you wanna kick Ja Morant when he down? That’s f*cked up.

“Now, Adam Silver and the rest of the NBA, they got a right to do that. Y’all dancers see guns every night. Cut the sh*t. That’s my opinion.

Does Cam’ have a point?

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