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Basketball Wives’ Star Royce Reed Rants Against Ex Dwight Howard

July 11, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Dwight Howard recently faced backlash on social media, unrelated to basketball, after being called out by Royce Reed, the mother of his eldest child Braylon, reports Hot New Hip Hop.

Reed accused Howard of mistreating their son and shared that when she informed him about her pregnancy, he ignored her for two days before responding.

Talking to Howard’s best friend, Reed alleged that “This man offered me a massive amount of money to say that Braylon was not his. That they would pay for my house, they would pay off any debt that I had, that they would give me a certain amount of money a month if I said that it wasn’t his.”

Royce Reed declined multiple offers and sought legal assistance, alleging that Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic requested a paternity test at their facility, which she refused.

Their ongoing conflict spans over a decade, including Howard’s successful defamation lawsuit against Reed in 2010. In 2014, Reed spoke out about Howard using a belt to discipline their child Braylon, disregarding the court order prohibiting her from discussing Dwight Howard.

Despite their efforts to co-parent, Reed has reached her limit and will no longer remain silent about the ongoing drama.

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