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Bandman Kevo Seeks Refund From Gunna, Alleges Unpaid $250K Feature

February 8, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Bandman Kevo is making some serious accusations against Gunna, claiming he paid $250,000 for a feature before Gunna’s arrest and release in the YSL RICO case. Yet, Kevo says he hasn’t received the promised verse, according to Hip Hop DX.

This turn of events has put Kevo’s “Finesse God” reputation on the line as he’s gone public with his frustration towards Gunna and made jabs about Gunna’s alleged role in the RICO case. The rapper is threatening to take legal action if he doesn’t get his money back.

“I paid gunna last year for a feature 250k And months later he got a caught case which put my feature and everything else got put on hold, just for him to get released and snitch I can’t do a song with dude I need my bread back asap and if they cap im going big lawsuit,” he tweeted.

Kevo faced backlash from fans who took to his replies to call him out for seemingly flip-flopping on his stance about Gunna. Just last month, in an interview with SayCheeseTV, Kevo supported him claiming Gunna didn’t snitch but instead used the plea system to his advantage.

“A plea agreement is nothing. That don’t mean you snitched. He could possibly snitch, but he could possibly finesse. For instance, I take a plea agreement but I’m willing to testify,” he said. “I could get up there and cap. I could get up there and say, ‘I was scared. I don’t know what y’all talking about. I just wanted to get out.’

“I don’t think he’s a snitch because he just took a plea agreement…”

On December 14th, Gunna plead guilty to a charge of racketeering conspiracy. He was given a five-year sentence, with one year already completed. His remaining sentence will be fulfilled through 500 hours of community service.

Good luck with that Kevo!

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