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Attorneys for Ye Finally Track Him Down and Server Ties

February 8, 2023 | By KGB Staff

Kanye West’s former legal representation, Greenberg Traurig LLP, has finally located him and terminated their professional relationship, as West faces a growing number of lawsuits, according to the LA Times. Although many entities cut ties with him last year, his lawyers had to legally serve him before severing ties. As reported by Billboard, Ye made it difficult for his lawyers to serve him with the necessary notice, leading to a prolonged search.

Kanye West evaded lawyers, changing his phone number, prompting the firm to consider an unconventional move of placing an ad in LA newspapers. On January 27th, lawyers successfully served him notice through a representative.

“The address at which Ye was personally served is not one that is publicly affiliated with Ye or his businesses, but one that Ye nonetheless frequents,” the rapper’s former lawyers wrote in the court filings. “The location also appears to be primarily used by persons and entities not affiliated with Ye or his businesses.”

Kanye West is facing numerous legal battles, according to Business Insider. The rapper reportedly owes millions to former biz partners and music labels and faces copyright infringement accusations regarding the music sampling on his 2022 album, “Donda 2.” In addition, various individuals are alleging contract disputes, alleging that West failed to compensate them for their work.

Ye’s being sued by his former business manager, Thomas St. John, for breaking their contract, according to The Blast. St. John, who was recently promoted to the CFO of West’s business, Donda, claims that the singer/businessman stopped paying him a $300,000 monthly retainer after an “aggressive meeting.”

St. John is seeking $4.5 million in damages. During a court hearing, St. John admitted that he had been unable to locate West for several weeks.

The suit alleges that when St. John reminded West of their 18-month contract, the rapper responded, “The 18-month term was b—–t” and “You’re insane for even thinking I would stick to it.

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