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Alleged Texts Revealed: Azriel Clary and Mom Messages About R. Kelly

April 12, 2023 | By Kali Girl

R. Kelly will be spending years in jail, but some still doubt his guilt despite overwhelming evidence and testimonies from his alleged victims, including Azriel Clary. Recent court documents revealed a disturbing exchange between Clary and her mother.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, The court documents suggest that there is “insufficient evidence” to prove Kelly’s guilt in relation to the coercion and enticement charge. The records show that Kelly did not coerce Azriel into traveling with him to California, and it was her mother who purposefully and strategically enticed the singer with her 17-year-old daughter. Kelly believed that Azriel was 18 at the time.

However, the transcripts from Clary’s conversations with her mother present a different story. Allegedly, her mother instructed her to “Be prepared to sing three songs…he said he will meet you and listen to your song…Please have your glasses off… Hair to the side…mama knows best…pretty hurts…put on a show…dance, grab his hand, shimmy, wiggle, sit on his lap, entice him.”

According to case document 269-1 on The Neighborhood Talk, Clary’s mother encouraged her to focus on her career instead of pursuing a romantic relationship with Kelly. She even acknowledged the accusations of Kelly’s preference for younger women.

“You need to let him hear your songs…let him see your video. You’re trying to date him, and you need to let him see your sh*t. Clary’s mother also encouraged her to be a little feisty stating, “he married Aaliyah because she was feisty, and she didn’t let him run over her…you need to be different than the rest. You are silly…that man ain’t trying to do nothing with you musically he want to f*ck period cuz he like young girls,” the message read.

Nevertheless, Clary’s mother advised her to be truthful about her age with the singer, as he may feel misled.

“You need to let him know your age cuz he in public doing stuff cuz he think you of age so he don’t care…but when it come out that you’re not and you didn’t tell him he gonna look stupid and will be really mad cuz you will make him look like an idiot,” the text read.

In addition, Clary’s mother joked about having a son in law that would be older than her.

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