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AI Pilots May Replace Humans In Passenger Planes

May 17, 2023 | By Kali Girl

With insight into the future of aviation, Tim Clark, the esteemed president of Emirates, ponders the potential role of artificial intelligence (AI) in piloting passenger airplanes, reports the New York Post. Fascinatingly, Clark envisions a future where AI assumes the commanding role in the cockpit. Although he believes it won’t happen in his lifetime, he is also urging people to “harness” and “use” the new technology, not “fear it.

You might see a one-pilot aircraft,” the 73-year-old told CNBC on Tuesday.

While AI continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, Clark firmly believes in the enduring presence of at least one human pilot, ensuring that a skilled aviator remains in the cockpit, irrespective of the remarkable advancements in AI technology.

“Could the aircraft be flown on a fully automated basis? Yes, it could, technology is right up there now,” he claimed. “[But] there’ll always be somebody on the flight deck in my view.”

Clark continued, “A lot of people are concerned about what AI should and shouldn’t be doing … but if you’re in business and you’ve got something as powerful as this coming along and you’re very processes driven, manpower intensive, you’ve got to take time to look at what this could do to improve what you do.”

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