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AI Facial Recognition Error: Woman Sues City Following False Arrest

August 16, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Porsha Woodruff, 32, has taken legal action against the city of Detroit following her wrongful arrest stemming from an AI facial recognition misidentification, reports Forbes.

The incident has ignited discussions surrounding the algorithm’s inaccuracies and potential racial bias. Woodruff’s lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Michigan, specifically names Detective LaShauntia Oliver for negligence in her handling of the AI facial recognition process.

Allegedly, Detective Oliver employed an outdated photograph of Woodruff, which bore resemblance to the individual captured on a robbery videotape.

Despite having access to a more recent identification photo of Woodruff, Oliver reportedly chose to present the older picture in a lineup to the victim. Regrettably, the victim then misidentified Woodruff as the assailant.

This case sheds light on the ongoing debate over the reliability and fairness of AI facial recognition technology.

The incident, occurring during her pregnancy in February, was recently brought to light in connection with Woodruff’s legal action. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office cited ‘insufficient evidence’ as grounds for dropping the initial robbery charge on March 6, as stated in the lawsuit.

This arrest of Woodruff, who is black underscores the ongoing debate over discriminatory policing spurred by biased AI algorithms.

In a statement to NBC, Detroit Police Chief James E. White said the allegations in the lawsuit were “very concerning.” “We are taking this matter very seriously, but we cannot comment further at this time due to the need for additional investigation.”

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